Rachel Weinstock (aka Miss Rainbow Fairy) presents...

(Ages 7-11)

This will be a playful 🤗, creative 🎨, and enriching experience for the kids involved.
If you've ever felt like you wanted me to work directly with your child, here's your chance.

Here's what you can expect:

  • We'll share jokes
  • We'll create art
  • We'll practice mindfulness
  • ​We'll have powerful conversations
  • ​We'll write and reflect on the times we're in right now, and how we can show up as our best selves


Each Virtual Camp Session will be 60 Minutes and will take place on Zoom
Monday, April 20
2pm Eastern Time

** Thursday, April 23 **
2pm Eastern Time
(NOTE: This one is on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday)

Friday, April 24
2pm Eastern Time

Monday, April 27
2pm Eastern Time

Wednesday, April 29
2pm Eastern Time

Friday, May 1
2pm Eastern Time

Monday, May 4
2pm Eastern Time

Wednesday, May 6
2pm Eastern Time

Friday, May 8
2pm Eastern Time

About Rachel

Rachel Weinstock holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. In addition, she has spent over a decade studying public speaking, storytelling, improvisational acting, red-nose clowning, dance, and life-coaching.

Rachel has been teaching both locally and Internationally for 15 years+ and was awarded the James W. Fair Leadership award from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is known as “Miss Rainbow Fairy” because of her alternative approach to education.

Her talks are deeply impactful because of her lived experience of being bullied from Grade One to the end of high school. She has now dedicated her life to empowering school communities to create a safe and empowering space for EVERY child.