Rachel Weinstock (aka Miss Rainbow Fairy) presents...

(Ages 11-14)

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Spring Club is a global community for awesome pre-teens to come together and express themselves, be creative, connect in meaningful conversations, celebrate their diversity, and have FUN with like-minded people.

This is a playful 🤗, creative 🎨, and enriching experience for all involved.

Here's What Other Parents And Kids Are Saying About This Program

Here's why your kid(s) will LOVE Spring Club

  • ​They will be empowered to create deeper connection to their truth, authenticity, and stand strong in their boundaries
  •  They will take part in important conversations about what's happening in our world today and how they can show up powerfully to create change
  •  They will develop mindfulness strategies to pro-actively support their mental and emotional well-being
  • ​They will make amazing new friends and connections inside an inclusive and supportive community
  • ​​They will have FUN!! 


Each Spring Club Session will be 2.5 Hours and will take place on Zoom
To keep the numbers manageable and so that every child gets to speak and be heard, Spring Club operates with two separate groups of kids
Each club caps at 24 kids
First session is Monday, May 10, 2021
6:00pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time
(2.5 Hours)

First session is Thursday, May 13, 2021
6:00pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time
(2.5 Hours)

NOTE: Your child will remain in the same group / evening they were in previously, unless you request otherwise.

About Rachel

Rachel Weinstock holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. In addition, she has spent over a decade studying public speaking, storytelling, improvisational acting, red-nose clowning, dance, and life-coaching.

Rachel has been teaching both locally and Internationally for 15 years+ and was awarded the James W. Fair Leadership award from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is known as “Miss Rainbow Fairy” because of her alternative approach to education.

Her talks are deeply impactful because of her lived experience of being bullied from Grade One to the end of high school. She has now dedicated her life to empowering school communities to create a safe and empowering space for EVERY child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are discussed in Pre-Teen Club?
We discuss a wide variety of interesting, important, and relevant topics inside of Pre-Teen Club. Some examples might include body image, mental health and wellbeing, and how to deal with things like social anxiety and bullying. We also have fun and talk about silly things, have laugh-attacks, do mad libs, and share funny stories. We play, we connect, and we support each other. We talk about deep things that are impacting their lives, and we also keep it light and fun. 
Why is Pre-Teen Club for kids ages 11 all the way to 14?
One of the things I've always felt was missing in schools was the idea of 'age-mixing'. There can be such value in having a blend of ages inside of a group like this. The kids that are in Pre-Teen connect based on their shared interests, hobbies, personalities, and values - not just their age. There's a natural mentor-mentee relationship that often forms between some of the older kids and younger kids, and this benefits everyone.
I'm worried that my child is already in front of a screen too much. Won't this just add to that?
The kids in Pre-Teen have a built-in international group of supportive friends. In the times we're in, this is more important than ever. Pre-Teen Club is designed to be HIGHLY interactive and engaging. The kids aren't simply listening to a lesson, workshop, or lecture. They're connecting, engaging in meaningful conversations, and forging life-long friendships with like-minded peers.
Why do you cap the groups at 24 kids?
Based on our experience facilitating Pre-Teen Club over zoom for 9 months and counting, we've found the number 24 to be the number that is manageable and also provides the kids with a nice-sized group of peers to connect and interact with. This number provides the space allow everyone to be seen and heard, without feeling like they're the online one in the Zoom room. Plus - we can fit 24 video windows on one zoom screen, so it allows me to see everyone at once.
Does my child have to have their camera on while they're on the Zoom sessions?
We do ask that all participants have their webcam switched on for Pre-Teen Club. We know that sometimes it can feel hard to be on camera, and it's more comfortable for some than it is for others. When everyone is on video, it creates the most inclusive, welcoming, and engaging environment possible. If they need a break to eat a snack, or find they just need a 'camera-off break' for a few minutes during Pre-Teen Club, that is totally fine, but we encourage them to keep cameras switched on as much as possible.
In what ways is Pre-Teen Club different from school?
We do not teach math 🤪 There is NO bullying that happens in Pre-Teen Club 🙅🏽  It is completely focused on social / emotional learning and kids are given lots of time to share and process thoughts and feelings in a safe environment ☮️ 
My child is very quiet and can sometimes come across as shy. Will they feel comfortable as part of Pre-Teen Club?
We've created Pre-Teen Club to be mindful of all personality types, and focus on supporting kids to continuously develop their Emotional Literacy. We make lots of space for all kids in the club to share safely and openly while feeling fully supported by me and their peer group in the club.